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The firm is a solo practitioner law practice that focuses on what it does best, which is to serve fund managers and others in the investment management industry, including family offices. However, our principal is a well-rounded corporate attorney and takes on other types of corporate legal projects as well. FundsLawyer’s extensive industry experience, focus and contacts enable us to provide “high touch” advice and solutions to even the most complex issues within our area of expertise. We can also assist with your training to address harassment and discrimination. 

We are not afraid of unusual structures or investment strategies and can work with tight timelines.


the offering

The role we fill

The firm’s outsourced general counsel role is a unique offering and allows clients that don’t have the need or the budget to hire an attorney on a full time basis to receive the personal attention and cost savings often associated with an in-house attorney. As an outsourced general counsel, we would get to know your team and try to spend significant time on site, so that FundsLawyer can best represent you and you can show investors that your in house counsel role is well staffed.

On a project by project engagement, the firm’s unique business model allows it to take on larger or smaller roles as directed by the client. FundsLawyer’s projects include engagements where the firm serves as “local” U.S. counsel as part of a non-U.S. client’s global legal team led by a non-U.S. law firm. We also review third party fund documents and other private investment offering materials on behalf of family offices and other investors. We are happy to work with, or for, other law firms where we can supplement their own expertise.

Where your project is not squarely within our experience, we don’t stretch to take the project and learn on the job. We are happy to refer you to other firms that we have worked with in the past or use our network to find the right match. Where the complexity of your matter requires attorneys in multiple areas of specialization, we serve as the quarterback of your project and bring in other specialist counsel. They are often small firms, solo practitioners or accounting or other professional services firms who can complete portions of projects at a reasonable cost.

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Why we are here

Funds Lawyer

Our business model was designed to leverage Josh Stone’s industry experience to deliver personalized and first rate legal services in a user friendly and cost-effective manner. We believe that our business model results in a more satisfying experience for both the firm and our clients. This is achieved by rolling up our sleeves and finding creative structures and solutions, with the goal of completing projects as simply and cost-effectively as possible. Working with a solo practitioner means that you know who will be doing your work and you will not bear the costs of sending documents up and down the ladder between attorneys at different levels. Josh is extremely accessible, with calls routed to his cell phone and not to a secretary or an answering service. If this model of law practice meets your needs, we would be happy to serve you!

plan of action

Legal Support Stages

Time and complexity of legal function 

Stage 1
Start up Manager
Stage 2
Growth results in expanded legal support needs
Stage 3
Begin to target Instutitional Investors
Stage 4
Full institutional Fund Structure


can form your fund

  • Extensive experience in forming complex, bespoke hedge, PE and real estate funds.
  • High-touch advice in
    addition to preparing the fund documents.
  • Vast industry experience on a variety of matters.


serve as quarterback of your legal function

  • Complete projects
    within our primary
    expertise and supervise other attorneys.
  • Free up investment and operations teams’ time.
  • Creative use of
    resources can reduce legal spend.


can step in as you fractional time General Counsel

  • A general counsel with extensive industry
    experience is valuable for meeting institutional investor expectations.
  • Flexibility of outsourcing provides
    advantages over hiring a full time attorney.


assist your in house and primary counsel with outside projects

  • Bring in an extra set of hands when you need it, such as during regulatory exams or fund winddowns
  • In-house counsel can send projects to us that do not need to be performed by the fund’s primary counsel

we Become part of Your Team.

We are ready to roll up our sleeves and do the heavy lifting to bring your project to completion in a timely manner. If you are seeking expertise, creative solutions, personal attention and cost efficiency then we may be the right fit